About The Adoration Corporation

It's been said that without publicity, something terrible happens: nothing. Although that saying may be a bit extreme, if people don't know about it, it's as if it never happened. At the faith-based public relations, marketing and consulting company, Adoration Corporation, we look at the Great Commission as our call to action to spread the message of Jesus Christ through our clients and their ministries. Our goal is to promote and publicize what you do to the world.

Started in 1999 as Tehillah Enterprises, LLC, Adoration Corporation was launched as a complement to Tehillah Enterprises in April 2017. Known primarily for promoting music ministries, Tehillah Enterprises will continue its role in promoting Gospel and Christian recording artists as Adoration Corporation provides services to other members of the faith-based community.

The Adoration Corporation will focus on publicizing and marketing churches and sharing the wonderful things that these houses of worship are doing locally and nationally. Pastors, preachers, ministers, apostles and evangelists are also changing the world with their ministries. Religious organizations, Christian businesses and other faith-based companies need to let others know how they are impacting lives as well. We are excited about representing other entities as well including Christian bookstores, television stations, radio stations, schools, colleges, universities, music publishing companies, record labels and others. We also assist church music departments and other organizations that are focused on sacred music. That’s the goal of Adoration Corporation.


Through public relations, our goal is to position a ministry's brand in order to generate interest from Christian and mainstream media, ministry supporters or the Gospel and Christian music industry. With numerous contacts throughout the faith-based media community, Adoration Corporation sets each client apart. We want to use every means possible to tell the world about how Christ is impacting the world through His churches, His children and the ministries He’s given them. We offer full-scale publicity and marketing campaigns.

We promote to the Christian media nationally, regionally and locally. We do everything from image consulting to photo shoots to press kits to press releases. We target coverage in newspapers, magazines, websites, e-zines, blogs and on television and radio and we also pitch our clients for many media opportunities. Adoration Corporation can share the news about your Christian film and faith-based entertainment happening. We also provide event management for different types of Christian events including church events such as seminars, revivals and conferences. We also assist in reaching out to your local community, letting them know the positive things you are doing in their own backyards.

Through marketing, we desire to connect you directly with your audience. We implement social media strategies, create websites, e-blasts, e-zines and other marketing tools to get the word out about your church, ministry or event. We assist with advertising and media placement, Internet marketing and social media marketing. We also provide consultations with churches, ministers, organizations and businesses. We are here to serve you and your ministry.


A 2016 & 2013 Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominee for Gospel Radio Promotions & Marketing Group of the Year, Tehillah Enterprises positioned ministries by securing countless media opportunities. Tehillah created campaigns that placed Gospel artists on magazine covers, Billboard charts and award stages. Tehillah’s efforts opened doors for national appearances, endorsement deals, and opportunities to give back to the community through charitable causes. Through artist development sessions, Tehillah refined artists performance giving them tips to help them minister more effectively. Through our artist management, Tehillah provided new opportunities including securing a coveted performance at the legendary Blues Alley.

Tehillah Enterprises excelled in the field of marketing and publicity. The company did publicity work for notable people such as Gladys Knight and Paul Anthony of Full Force (for their Gospel releases), Andrae’ Crouch, Byron Cage, Earnest Pugh, Bishop Derek Grier & Grace Worship Team, Bishop David G. Evans, Pastor Riva Tims & Majestic Praise, Pastor Bill Winston & Living Word Choir, Pastor Charles Jenkins, Anita Wilson, Apostle Kevin Davidson, Alvin Slaughter, Martha Munizzi, Steven Ford, DeWayne Woods, and many others.

Tehillah’s clients have been recognized with award wins and nominations for GRAMMYs, Dove Awards, Stellar Awards, NAACP Image Awards and other accolades. In 2012, our company’s owner was cited as a “Top Ten Hero In Gospel Music In D.C.”. Even more important than the accolades our clients received, Tehillah Enterprises helped their ministries spread the message of the Gospel even further.

Adoration Corporation’s standard of excellence, results-oriented focus and commitment to integrity is what sets us apart from other faith-based publicity, marketing and consulting companies.